Our History

AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD has come a long way in a short time. Driven by the passion for a positive change in the industry, product development and sales, with perseverance, hard work, passion and dedication we have surmounted a lot of obstacles to get to our present height while aspiring to greater heights. Our clear company-wide vision unites all our businesses and products – working as one has been critical to our success.  We’re results-driven.
It was my firm and sincere concept that there must be a room to improve upon what is already in existence, that gave birth to AGRICARE back in 1996.
Since the arrival of AGRICARE into the market arena with the strongest advocacy for INNOVATIONS and best practices to bring about a positive change, She has completely changed the existing status quo of unproductive orthodox - practice of  WAIT-AND-TREAT approach to a more conscious and preventive  approach which is now in-Line with the International best practice.
Today’s poultry production practice world-wide is now completely embracing Agricare’s vision of 1996 which was echoed many years ago. Many countries are aggressively pursuing the reduction of excessive or complete eradication of anti–biotics usage in poultry production with lots of farm operators equally returning to the more preventive measure as against the old and outrageous orthodox method which is never cost effective.
AGRICARE LTD envisioned that the act of intensified bio- security and prevention through biological immunization and the fortification of finished feeds with immune building products will result in healthier products from farms and better profits margins which is the whole essence of labour and investments.
Thanks to the power of vision from AGRICARE LTD.
Agricare company
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