AGRICARE STD PLUS Ltd was established in 2006 and has come a long way. We provide professional agro-services and high quality agro-allied products to meet agro, aqua and livestock needs

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Our History

AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD has come a long way in a short time. Driven by the passion for a positive change in the industry, product development and sales, with perseverance, hard work, passion and dedication we have surmounted a lot of obstacles to get to our present height while aspiring to greater heights. Our clear company-wide vision unites all our businesses and products – working as one has been critical to our success. We’re results-driven.


In 2006, the MD, Mr FIDELIS NWORU firmly believed that we could improve on the existing status quo of ‘wait-and-treat’ approach, leading to the birth of AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD.

Since then, AGRICARE has advocated for innovation and best practices, driving a profound transformation from the traditions of ‘wait-and-treat’ approach to a more preventive solution, aligning with today’s international set standards with a far-reaching solution that significantly reduce the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in general livestock production including aqua production and innovative solution in crop production.

AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD envisioned that emphasizing intensified biosecurity, biological immunization and fortification of animal feeds with immune-boosters, probiotics and gut acidification products would ultimately result in improved animal welfare, healthier farm animals, end products and improved profit margins.

Livestock production worldwide has embraced the vision of antimicrobial solutions set forth by AGRICARE in 2006, with many countries actively pursuing a highly reduced or complete eradication of antibiotics in poultry and livestock production. Farm operators are increasingly adopting preventive measures over the old and costly orthodox practice which was not only costly and unsustainable but also against animal welfare.

Today, with a continued commitment to health standards, AGRICARE has expanded its reach and impact, addressing and providing innovative solutions to various challenges across the agricultural value chain. Through our venture into aqua and crop production, we remain dedicated to supporting farmers and providing consumers with safe, healthy, and sustainable practice and end-product. The power of vision from AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD continues to drive our mission towards transforming agriculture for a better future.

Thanks to the power of vision from AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD.

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