Glutarsan 5L

Glutarsan is a combination of of two active principles, it has marked virucidal (UNIEN 14657 standard), bactericidal (UNIEN 1657 and 1459 standards) activities. It's particularly suitable in zootechnical farms in conditions of virus induced infective emergency. It's available in 20Lit and 1Lit.

Glutarsan is very effective towards: GRAM+ and GRAM- Bacteria. It inhibits the intracellular enzymes.

VIRUSES: Direct action on the DNA


  1. It affects the spore
  2. Stable at the temperature changes
  3. Indifferent to the different types of water
  4. Active at differing pH values
  5. Not corrosive
  6. Hight biodegradability


Glutaraldehyde 100g
benzalconium Chloride 200g
Excipients q.s to 1.00Ml

GLUTARSAN: The Triple Action Disinfectant

EFFICACY: (Active Concentration in H20)
Poliovirus Type 1%
Arenarius Type 5 1%
Avian Metapneumovirius 1%
Arterivirus (PRRS) 1%
Bimavirus (Gumboro) 1%
Coronavirus (infectious bronchitis) 1%
Herpesivirus (M. Aujeszky) 1%
Paramyxovirus (pseudo fowl pest) 1%
Parvovirus 1%
Poxvirus (Myxomatosi) 1%
Orthomyxovirus (H5N2) 0.5%
Orthmyxovirus (H7N1) 0.5%
Aspergillus Niger 0.5%
Candida Aibicans 0.5%
Mycobacterium avium 2.0%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 0.5%
Staphylococcus aureus 0.5%
Enterrococcus hirae 0.5%
Lawsonia Intracellularis 1%
C. Perfringens Clostridium 1%
B. Hyodysenteriae Bracyspira 1%
Proteus Vulgaris 0.5%
Bordetella bronchiseptica 0.5%
Pasteurella Multocida 0.5%
Samlmonella spp 0.5%
Streptococcus suis 0.5%


 Dosage and Direction for Use
 To achieve a disinfecting action in particular to control viruse (avian influenza, swine influenza, etc.), bacteria, fungi and yeasts dilute the product in water at the concentration of 20% (2 litre of product, in 100 litres of water); let the product act for a minimum contact time of 30 minutes.
To achieve a sanitizing and deodorizing action in breeding rooms, with equipment, water, slaughter houses and hatcheries, use the product at 0.1-0.5% (1.5ml of product per litre of water).

24 months
The diluted solution may be sprayed by means of pumps or be applied on surfaces with a cloth or sponge. Before disinfection, it is recommended to remove dirt mechanically.


  1. Disinfection of facilities and equipment of zootechnical farms (all species)
  2. Equipment of food industries, means of transport for live animals, drain gutters.
  3. Delivery rooms and hatcheries, as well as those areas attended by animals in domestic environment
  4. Breeding Pens
  5. Slaughter Slabs/houses
  6. Hospitals and clinics
  7. Breweries
  8. Oil and Petroleum Facilities
  9. Water

Product Origin: Italy
Manufacturer: Chemifarma s.p.a Industrial Pharmaceutical Veterinary.

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