Tilosina 25% WSP


Indications: It is the most effective Tylosin based antibiotics active against Mycoplsama, the causative agent of Chronic Respiratory Disease in poultry and pasteurella multocidia, causative agent of Pneumonia in Calf.

Active Ingredient: Tylosin 200mg
Excipients: q.b to 1g
Pharmaceutical form: Soluble Powder
Animal Species: Poultry, Suckling Calf and Swine
Poultry: Effective against mycoplasma, the causative agent of Chronic Respiratory Diseases (C.R.D.)
Suckling Calf: Effective in case of enzootic pneumonia and superficial necrotic enterities

Animal Specie: Poultry, Suckling Calf, Swine.
Route of Administration: Oral
Administration: As directed after disease is diagnosed.
Poultry: 1-2kg/1000kg Feed for 5 Days
Suckling Calf: 1-2kg/1000kg Feed for 5 Days
Product Origin: Italy
Manufacturer: Chemifarma S.p.a Industrial Pharmaceutical Veterinary.

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