Premix Feed Additives

MiaDiasan 1KG/10KG/20KG

MiaDiasan is a complementary organic feed for poultry and pigs as growth promoter and immune booster. Essential for significant feed conversion, healthy guts and outstanding performance.

Edge over others

  1. Proven growth promoter and immune booster.
  2. Guarantees better protein absorption and nutrient utilization.
  3. Direct action on common pathogens like salmonella, E.Coli, Clostridium, perfringens.
  4. Ensures efficient water regulation and absorption.
  5. Increases Feed Conversion Ratio.
  6. Improves gut integrity by protecting and coating the intestinal walls.
  7. Reverses and restores compromised microflora and subsequent growth of the microvilli.
  8. Excellent for reaching target weight in due time.
  9. Confers dry friable dropping and feacal texture hence eliminates ammonia load on the farm.
  10. Highly economical and affordable @ 1kg-2.5kg per tone of feed.
  11. No side effects or withdrawal period being a product from an organic source.


  1. Plants Extracts
  2. Diatomaceus Earth
  3. Calcium Carbonate
  4. 1,2 Propandiol

Specification: Immune Booster

How does MiaDiasan works?

MiaDiasan does perform all functions for which it was produced in a systematic way.

As a combination of plant extracts, clay minerals and protein complex from castanea sativa, it acts as a quick response solutions as a result of the action of its absorptive constituents. These constituents bind water and support the intestine water regulation such that the synergic combination of the components serves to regulate the release of fluids into the intestine as well as the intestinal passage rate (leading to peristalsis). Through a stringent effect (precipitation of protein complex) the absorption of contaminants is reduced. Further selected proteins complex support maintenance of the protective intestinal walls.
The ingredients of MiaDiasan renders it a reliable solution to improve intestinal integrity which ia s pre – condition for a good gut health. This in turns provides the possibility to reduce the use of anti-biotic treatments.

MiaDiasan effectively function as an anti- oxidative, anti- microbial, anti- inflammatory as well as anti–wet litter and diarrhea. It is recommended for all birds and for all ages.

Mortality: Control 4.5% Mia-Dias an 3.5%
MiaDiaSan Lower diarrhea incidences. Improved litter quality

Animal Specie: poultry & Swine
Route of Administration: feed Grade
Administration: Continuous (no withdrawal period)
Dosage: 0.5-1.5kg to 1 tonne of feed
Product Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Miavit GmbH

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