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Miavit Vit.E+Se 100/50 1Ltr

MIAVITS VIT.E + SELENIUM is well emulsified vitamin E (via water) with the combination of selenium requirements for an excellent physiological growth, reproduction and maintenance in poultry. It is a Liquid feed supplement for poultry for additional temporary vitamin supplement. It is available in 5Ltr and 1Ltr containers.

Vit E/ Selenium in a Nutshell

  1. Better transfer of Vit E+ Sel. to egg and semen leading to improvement of egg quality. (Hatchability & fertility)
  2. Improvement of chick viability
  3. High quality of egg shell
  4. Essential for growth and reproduction
  5. Combats free radicals in birds and enhance disease resistance
  6. Helps to maintain and sustain the integrity of the structural tissue
  7. Supports the development of the nervous system.
  8. Enhances the nutritional value of meat and egg.
  9. Ensures vitamin E concentration in egg yolk.

Although deficiency of vitamin E and selenium is hardly detectable sub-clinically but deficiency leads to:

  1. Disorders of the cellular membrane.
  2. Liver necrosis.
  3. Fatal aberrant development of the brain (encephalomalacia – crazy chick syndrome)
  4. Retarded growth and impaired feed conversion
  5. Diminished fertility
  6. Higher susceptibility to infectious diseases
  7. Reduced stress resistance

Animal Specie: Poultry
Route of Administration: Oral
Administration: Use according to dosage specified constantly,Treatment can be repeated.
Dosage: 1Litre medicates 2,000litre of drinking water
Product Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Miavit GmbH

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