Izovac MG

IZOVAC MG (C.R.D) Emulsified Inativated (oil) vaccine against Mycoplasma Galisepticum Infection


The Chronic Respiratory Disease (R.C.D) is caused by Mycoplasma Galisepticum with the E.Coli as main complicating factor, other secondary agents are the viruses of IB and ND, Stress or unfavorable environmental Conditions can make the birds more susceptible.

The disease provokes an air sacculitis with tracheal rales, nasal discharge and coughing due to nasal congestion in adult birds, while young birds frequently show a lack of appetite, decreased weight gain and decreased feed conversion rations. C.R.D does not normally have a high percentage of mortality, but the chronic nature of the disease causes great economic losses especially in broilers in laying flocks, a drop of egg production between 20-30% can occur.
The disease is transmitted through the egg or by direct contact.
The most effective method preventing the CRD is through vaccination.
The vaccine, Izovac MG is produced with a very immunogenic 5-6strain. The production and inactivation method has been studied in order to be sure of total inactivation of infection activity and to maintain intact the immunogenic power.
The association with pure oil adjuvant has increased the immunogenic stimuli ion and avoids undesirable local reactions.

The use of Vaccination causes

  1. Inhibition of the disease manifestation
  2. Reduction of the therapies with antibiotics
  3. Better performances

Composition: Emulsified inactivated vaccine, Mycoplasma gallisepticum strain 5-6:1.51010 CFU in oil emulsion

Indication: Immunization against Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection

Dosage and Administration: First vaccination about 12weeks. Booster: 18-20 weeks of age before the laying period. Inject subcutaneously (At the back of the neck).

Packaging: 1,000 Doses (500ml)

Animal Specie: Poultry
Route of Administration: Subcutaneously at the back of the neck
Dosage: 0.5ml
Product Origin: Italy
Manufacturer: IZO S.r.l a socio unico.

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