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AMIVIT (LIQUID & POWDER) is a growth booster and comes in 100g powder, 1 Litre and 5Litres. It's liquid feed supplement for poultry for additional temporary vitamin supplement

AMIVIT (LIQUID & POWDER) is highly fortified with Electrolytes & sugar which result in better feed conversion and serve to support after long transport, resulting in exhaustion and stress which paves way for early mortalities.

Additive per Litre:
Vitamin A 10,000,000iu
Vitamin B1 1,000mg
Vitamin B6 1,000mg
Vitamin B12 5,000mcg
Nocitine Amicide 5,000mg
L-Caminite 4,000mg
Zinc 2,000mg
Glumatic Acid 700mg
Arginine 250mg
Phenyl Alanine 190mg
Leucine 300mg
Phenyl Alanine 190mg
Leucne 300mg
Valine 180mg
Proline 190mg
Lysine 12,000mg
Methonine 5,000mg
Threonine 6,000mg
Tryprophan 500mg
Cystine 50mg
Glycine 150mg
Alanine 150mg
Aspartic acid 400mg
Isoleucine 180mg
Tyrosine 140mg
Histidine 110mg
Serine 190mg
Sodium 7.000mg
Potassium 1.000mg


Edge Over Others:

  • Enhances maximum growth.
  • Provides required amino acid, high amount of electrolyte and supplementary vitamins needed for effective physiological development in growing bird and pre-layers.
  • Improves appetite and feed utilization efficiency, Optimal growth and maximum weight gain for the best breeding results.
  • Guarantees quick recovery from diseased and post medication conditions and also reduces fatigue.
  • Excellent for rehydration from heat, environmental and transport stress conditions.
  • Effectively corrects hypo avitaminosis, stunting syndrome and non-uniformly in the flock most economical mixing concentration of 100g to 800ltr of water.
  • Corrects lack of uniformity in the flock.

Sodium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate mono
Animal Specie: Poultry
Route of Administration: Oral
Dosage: 100g Amivit Powder medicates 800ltr of water, 1 litre of Amivit solution medicates 8,000litres of water
Product Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Miavit GmbH


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