MiaVit V.T.A Liquid 5Lt


 The Liquid Feed Supplement for Poultry

Additive Per Kg:
Vitamin A 30.000.000 I.U
Vitamin D3 2,000.000 I.U
Vitamin E 6.000mg
Vitamin B1 900mg
Vitamin B2 400mg
Vitamin B6 900mg
Vitamin B12 1,000mg
Vitamin C 8,000mg
Ca-Pantothenate 3,000mg
Nicotinamide 10,000mg
Folic Acid 500mg
Biotin 10,000mg
Lysine 3,000mg
Methionine 5,000mg



Why use Miavit V.T.A Liquids?

  1. V.T.A liquid provides animals with all the required vitamins, trace elements and amino acids necessary for optimal growth and maximal performance
  2. It’s a high concentration and combination of wide renders V.T.A liquid the best vitamin to support in stress situations, such as vaccinations, transport; heat, stress, change of feed, environment and housing.
  3. Serves as an important support in disease recovery phases.
  4. Gives significant support for metabolism and stabilization of defense
  5. No sedimentation which could block nipple. drinkers

Animal Specie: Poultry
Route of Administration: Oral
Dosage: 1Litre medicates 8,000litres of drinking water
Product Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Miavit GmbH

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