Vitamin C Pure 100% 1kg

Miavit vitamin C Pure 100% is an essential vitamin specially designed for poultry and pigs to minimize the effects of heat stress caused by environmental temperature.

Miavit Vitamin C Pure (100%) is an essential Vitamin especially designed for Poultry and Pigs to minimize the effect of heat stress caused by environmental temperature (excessive heat or cold), fear, disease, handling, starvation, toxicity, social interactions, vaccination, crowding, beak trimming, forced moulting and nutritional stress. Supplementation of ascorbic acid improves growth, egg production and hatchability feed efficiency, egg weight, shell quality and livability during heat stress.

Other benefits include;

  1. Anti-Stress: Although vitamin C can be synthesized by poultry, the synthesis is reduced or the requirements for vitamin C are increased during times of stress. During times of environmental, nutritional or pathological stress, the addition of Miavit Vit.C to the birds’ feed or to their drinking water alleviates many of the undesirable physical consequences of exposure such as loss in weight, decrease in production, immune suppression.
    Optimum response in growth, feed efficiency, livability, better immune response in broilers under heat stress occurs with supplements of about 250mg Miavit vitamin C/kg feed. Laying hens respond to supplemental vitamin C at 200-400mg/kg in terms of improvement in livability, feed intake, egg production and egg quality.
  2. Antioxidant: Miavit Vit.C is one of the powerful anti-oxidants that block the damage caused by free radicals, which are by-products of body metabolism. It is highly essential in broiler birds due to their high metabolic activities. The buildup of these by-products over time is largely responsible for the tissue/organ various health conditions. Ascorbic acid can scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.
  3. Immune System Support: Miavit Vit.C makes the epithelial tissues in the respiratory and digestive tracts less permeable to bacteria, thus, reduce the incidence of bacterial infections. It also helps the white blood cells function properly and so contributes to the proper working of the immune system. Furthermore, it protects the immune system and reduces mortality in growing birds infected with Infectious Bursa Disease (IBD) or Gumboro in a hot environment by protecting the lymphoid organs and thyroid activity.
  4. Tissue/organ Maintenance: Collagen a protein that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle, and blood vessels, Miavit Vit. C helps in its maintenance. It also improves egg shell quality via its role in the formation of the shell’s organic matrix.
  5. Healing: Miavit Vit. C supplementation accelerates recovery from disease conditions by enhancing faster growth and replacement of dead epithelia
  6. Enhances iron absorption: Miavit Vit. C helps to convert iron into a chemical form that is more easily absorbed from the digestive tract. Taking vitamin C with iron can increase the absorption of iron which in turns enhance better metabolism.

For pigs:
Vitamin C is often used in post-weaning diets, and in hot seasons, booster packs for lactating sows to combat the negative effects of heat stress on fees intake. Vitamin C is also used in diets for stud boars as it helps to improve semen quality.

Animal Specie: All Animals
Route of Administration: Feed Grade
Administration: Via Feed and Drinking water.
Dosage: 200g-300gram per ton of feed/1000 litres of water
Product Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Miavit GmbH

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