AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD is an agro allied company and sole distributor of standard agro-allied brands known for quality products. We have been in operation since 2006 and have contributed greatly to the success of many livestock farmers and other agro-allied establishments in Nigeria. We serve our diverse and unique clients all across Nigeria and beyond.
With AGRICARE STD PLUS, business is more than just selling products, no matter the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results and equipping our customers with relevant information, products and services that help them grow and thrive.

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Tech Consultancy

Our technical team is readily available to
assist and meet your needs no matter your
location. Thus, in line with our vision and goals,
our technical team offers technical support
services, expert advice and up-to-date
information to help you succeed.

Brand Marketing

AGRICARE STD PLUS is a known name in the
marketplace. We're sole distributor of standard
brands of high quality agro-allied products in
Nigeria's livestock industry. We provide
products that help farmers achieve
result in their agro business.

Veterinary Services

With our highly qualified veterinary doctors
across Nigeria and beyond, AGRICARE has you
covered in every geo-political zones. Our team
is on hand to attend to any issues on your farm.
Consult us for professional vet services
for your pets and livestock.


AGRICARE STD PLUS Ltd, established 2006 has come a long way. We provide professional agro-services and standard agro-allied products to meet livestock needs.

We have experience

We have over 11 years experience providing standard brands of agro-allied products and services, hence, we are in a better position to offer you the best.

Support services

We have highly qualified professionals in every state of Nigeria providing technical support and veterinary services to help you succeed in business.

We help you save money!

With our effective brands of products and professional services, we are able to help you attain your desired goals, achieve better result and save money.

Dear Customer, Kindly join Izo's Avian Expert at AGRICARE SEMINARS in Lagos and Owerri

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