AGRICARE STD PLUS Ltd was established in 2006 and has come a long way. We provide professional agro-services and high quality agro-allied products to meet agro, aqua and livestock needs

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AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD, the sole distributor of standard brands. your dependable partner in Agro Business!

AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD is driven by the passion for positive change in the industry, product development, sales and services. And with perseverance, hard work, passion and dedication, we are constantly reaching out to greater heights. Our company's clear vision unites all our businesses, executions and products. Working coherently as a team has been critical to our success. We’re results-driven. In 2006, the MD, Mr FIDELIS NWORU firmly believed that we could improve on the existing status quo, leading to the birth of AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD. Since then, AGRICARE has advocated for innovation and best practices, driving a profound transformation from the traditions of 'wait-and-treat' approach to a more preventive solution, aligning with international set standards, with a far-reaching solution that significantly reduce the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in general livestock production including aqua production and innovative solution in crop production

About Agricare STD PLUS Ltd
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Our Vision is to be at the forefront of all agro-allied product innovations paying a special attention to the livestock industry by distributing standard brands, advancing, promoting and providing exceptional, innovative and preventive solutions whilst creating a new Agribusiness platforms for generations to come in addition to offering a highly but conscious and ultramodern customer service with deepest satisfaction and kindest respect.

Our mission is to continuously offer uncompromising solution in accordance with the best International Standard Practices in Animal Health and Production.

This strategy is not only to reverse but to re-direct the Livestock Industry and production from her unproductive, unprofitable and ever decaying traditions of wait-and-treat approach.

To re-orientate the orthodox practice by reducing or otherwise eliminating the abuse and unnecessary use of Antibiotics in livestock production, Agricare knows and believes that her strategy will bring six major benefits to the industry at large.

  • A healthier quality meat and egg
  • A better and more friendly environment for generations to come
  • A better livestock production with yields and profits
  • A better animal welfare
  • A lesser cost of production through a conscious Pharmaco-vigilance approach
  • A lesser human resistance to Antibiotics treatment, guaranteeing a safer world for mankind.

Agricare will never rest until this Goal is achieved!


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AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD envisioned that emphasizing intensified biosecurity, biological immunization and fortification of animal feeds with immune-boosters, probiotics and gut acidification products would ultimately result in improved animal welfare, healthier farm animals, end products and improved profit margins. Livestock production worldwide has embraced the vision of antimicrobial solutions set forth by AGRICARE in 2006, with many countries actively pursuing a highly reduced or complete eradication of antibiotics in poultry and livestock production. Farm operators are increasingly adopting preventive measures over the old and costly orthodox practice, which was not only costly and unsustainable but also against animal welfare.

We Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and survivability in farmers.

The availability of quality products for maximum production performance is one of our major essence in servicing our customers. Our “second to none” products are the foundation to achieving this mission.
“What we do, we do well!” Having this at the center of our minds, we go the extra miles to ensure quality products are made available and accessible to all our customers every where. Our insights, products and hands-on support will assist our clients achieve their biggest goals.

The quality of our team is the cornerstone of our ability to serving our numerous customers. Hence, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills and creating an environment to foster their growth as leaders.

We take consistent approach to recruiting and developing our team, regardless of where their location. This structure ensures that we can quickly deploy the right personnel with the right experience and expertise to every customer anywhere in Nigeria and beyond. We are Committed to continually seek new and better ways to serving our customers as we anticipate their future needs.

We encourage our people to create and pilot new capabilities and tools even as we invest our resources in these efforts.

In our business operations, our customers come first, the needs of our customers are our primary focus because when they thrive, we all benefit. We get out into the market and listen, observe and learn, to be able to provide an improvement on what is already in the market.

Leading the way are Agricare field representatives, who develop beneficial business relationships with customers that endure for years. These relationships are supported by the technical and veterinary specialists who provide in-depth technical expertise and disease education.

By having an on-the-ground presence, Agricare can react quickly to market needs and be well positioned to help our customers continually increase their business productivity and sustain long-term success. We are insatiably curious as we focus on execution in the marketplace every day.

At AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD, we act with urgency and responsive to positive changes with the courage to change course when neccessary. We remain constructively discontent with the level we are now, therefore, we will continue to climb the ladder to perfection, working efficiently and effectively to become a standard in the industry.

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“At AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD, our philosophy is founded on four fundamental principles; excellent services, sustainability, innovation and unwavering commitment to health standards. These principles do not only align with international standards, including WHO requirements in particular, but also drive our commitment to being a trusted partner in livestock, Aqua and Crop production, that corresponds with the international food safety standards.
Our dedicated team is committed to your success by providing high-quality products, services, and valuable information that enables businesses to operate at their best performing state.
Thank you for choosing AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD. Together, we'll set new industry standards.

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At AGRICARE STD PLUS LTD, customers are treated with utmost care and respect. Moreover, our customer service is topnotch.

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Our management team is working hard to meet the company’s goals and objective, in order to meet our clients’ needs

Mr. Fidelis Nworu
Mr. Fidelis Nworu
Executive Director
Mrs Nworu Motunrayo
Mrs Nworu Motunrayo
Company Director
Olufemi Alao
Mr. Olufemi Alao
National Sales Manager
Abodunrin Tosin
Mr. Abodunrin Tosin
Finance Manager

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