Our Partners

Our passion for making a distinct change in the livestock industry through providing relevant, yet affordable solutions to reduce the challenges faced by farmers formed the basis in choosing our partners. We seek strong, reliable and long-term relationships that meet our goals and vision. Hence, we invest tremendous resources in identifying exceptional companies with solution targeted products to partner with.
One thing we strive to do best, which we cannot compromise, is to stand for quality no matter the cost. These qualities we have seen and certified in all our products, which has made us stand out in agro-allied business with our partners over the years. The effectiveness and efficiency of these products have been proven over the years, as our brands have become household names in the industry.

Our sources of these innovative products include:
Miavit GmbH
Miavit GmbH also located in Germany is the source of our Miavit vitamins and feed additives. They are experts in “defining the art of mixture”. With their different purpose-driven and innovative vitamins and feed additives, solutions are being achieved in the industry. Miavit is fast becoming a household name in the industry as they are the hope the industry needs to make a change. Visit Miavit GmbH
Izo, (Italy)
Izo, (Italy) a brand of Vaxxinova in Germany; they are our reliable partners for our vaccines known as IZOVAC. They are known to be “leaders in quality”. IZOVAC has its efficacy tested and proven over the years. It offers all the right solutions reliable for defenses against poultry diseases with its wide coverage both in attenuated and inactivated lines. Though produced in Italy, with its uncompromised quality, the composition of IZOVAC was not without the tropics in mind. Visit Izo Company
Chemifarma pharmaceutical
Chemifarma pharmaceutical veterinary company provides us with lasting solutions with its wide range of drugs and quality disinfectant that has gotten no match for biosecurity.
Visit Chemifarma pharmaceutical
Dr. Alder
Dr. Alder is the producer of My Lord Dog Food which has its range from adult (can food) to puppy (can food) as well as regular/Energy (Dry food in bags) and start (Dry food in bags). With its Germany origin, My Lord remains uncompromisingly dependable and has risen to become Dogs first choice.
Visit Dr. Alder Company
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